Saturday, December 14, 2013

What lessons can real estate sector in India learn from Aam Aadmi Party?

Author: Sachin Gupta | Find me on Twitter

Well, it’s been an incredible journey for Aam Aadmi Party. Although still in its nascent stage, the party has chosen the path less traveled by political parties so far in India. The party was the product of anti-corruption movement in India with Anna Hazare at its helm. However, due to internal differences among the anti-corruption movement members and a burning desire of the leaders of Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) to make a substantial change to the Indian political system led its entry into formal politics. If the anti-corruption movement was all about putting pressure from outside on the political system in India, the members of Aam Aadmi Party has vowed to make a difference by getting inside the political system. The party is led by Arvind Kejriwal, who has a substantial track record in Indian Revenue Services, RTI activism, other NGOs, and joining Anna Hazare for bringing in Lokpal bill in India.

As things stand in Real Estate sector in India, there is this need to clean up the sector. Property transactions, construction, track record of real estate developers, soaring home prices, housing shortage, etc. are issues that require immediate clean up. And it is in this environment, what we need is a set of leaders who can change or rather clean the existing system and processes. These leaders can be real estate developers, architects, policy makers, or entrepreneurs looking to enter the realty sector in India. What can these new set of leaders learn from the spectacular achievement of Aam Aadmi Party?

  • Take big risks:

Just like Arvind Kejriwal stood against Sheila Dikshit and did not play safe, the leadership in real estate sector needs to take big risks. For example, a builder can come into the real estate sector and act transparently and professionally. Why don’t we still see any real estate developer selling their projects based on the carpet area? Why don’t anyone of the developer state the actual project completion time instead of the industry trend of 3 years? Each one of them knows that the project will be completed in close to 5 years, then why don’t they say it when selling the apartments to customers. Most developers still play safe and the result is that we have a real estate sector which is perceived as corrupt.

  • Efficient execution:

Aam Aadmi Party did not have the resources to compete with well established political parties such as Congress, and BJP. Neither, they had money, nor the backing of big corporate houses. Still, they had the passion, hunger, and discipline to win against all odds. Remember how the established parties will use volunteer by paying about 5000-6000 Rupees in reaching out to voters. AAP simply inspired the existing resources such as volunteers and media to take their message forward to the voters. Similar results can be achieved in realty sector with the contribution of honest government officials, set of developers, and media. The sector would go a long way if few of the government officials simply don’t sit on project approval files and sanction the real estate projects on their merits rather than on black money, and the developers focusing on completing the existing projects rather than building the land bank by diverting the funds.

  • Putting pressure on the existing system and processes:

Aam Aadmi party declared their funding, processes, volunteer model on the website for everyone. They also carried out internal surveys and declared the survey results along with the methodology and data for anyone to scrutinize. Even after the election results, they had been consistent in their approach to sit in the opposition rather than form the government by any means. Contrast this with the political maneuvering we see in India wherein MLAs and MPs are bribed, traded to form governments. Similarly, a set of real estate developers and entrepreneurs can stand on their principles of fair practices, no bribe, timely execution and delivery of projects. And all of this will put pressure on the established developers to fall in line and ultimately sector as a whole will benefit.

  • Perseverance:

Aam Aadmi Party simply did not get lucky and did so well in elections in a year or two. They had been at this anti-corruption movement for about a decade. From Anna Hazare to Arvind Kejriwal, they have persisted with their idea of cleaning the system. Real Estate sector demands that kind of perseverance to truly achieve results. Policy makers will not change over-night and bring in transparent systems of project approvals, financing, taxes, etc. One has to persevere and put pressure on the system continuously by leveraging the support of media, and customers.

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  1. Once upon a time a lion used to kill an animal every day and eat it. The animals met and made a rule that every day one animal will volunteer to become the meal of the lion. All jungle rejoiced and welcomed the new rule. Can someone see any reason for celebration or any reason to rejoice on the new rule. We are the innocent animals and the govt is the lion. Either heads or tails it is the victory for the politicians.

    1. sad but true....but we are sure things are changing although slowly....and public will be lion soon :)

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