Friday, February 28, 2014

Importance of brokers in realty sector and how do they currently generate leads for their businesses? And are these lead generation tactics good?

Author: Sachin Gupta | Find me on Twitter

The image of a typical property dealer in India is that of a person who didn't find any job or business and therefore jumped into realty sector by simply opening a shop in the market. Gradually, by facilitating some small scale deals, he/she moved ahead in brokerage ladder and was now in position to execute large deals with developers by underwriting part of the newly launched project or by investing in distress properties to sell them at later stage making a windfall profit. One would have noticed such a pattern in his/her nearby locality wherein one or few brokers have made it really big.

However, is it the only truth about brokers? Far from it….broker plays an important role in real estate sector. He/she is not only the deal facilitator but also the trust maker between a buyer and seller. People can execute small deals such as renting an apartment/shop without the help of a broker; however, try selling a piece of land/plot or an apartment worth crores and one would appreciate the value of a real estate broker. Not only will broker help in paper works such as preparing papers for registration, title deeds, no dues certificate, and any other legalities; but they will also help in providing the right information related to current market prices, and future potential of the local market. Therefore, it makes sense to verify the broker’s credentials before taking him/her on board. One can find a comprehensive list of things to check about property brokers here.

How do real estate brokers currently generate leads from customers for their business? There are multiple channels to generate leads from customers:

  • Online classifieds

Probably, this is the easiest method to generate leads from prospective buyers. A broker will list properties on these online classified portals by paying a monthly subscription fee or buying a package wherein a broker can list 100 or 250 properties over a period of time. However, all these online classified portals are dynamic in nature and a property listed today in the morning will become old next day as more and more properties are listed by other property dealers. Therefore, bigger the online classified portal, harder it gets to generate quality leads by listing property on it. Therefore, a broker must be careful in choosing the right online classified portal and not jump on the fray because others are doing it as well.

  • Having a physical presence

This is the oldest method to generate leads from both sellers and buyers. Buyer or seller looking to buy or sell property will visit his/her local market and list their property requirements with the local broker. If there is a match, then broker facilitates the deal and in the whole process makes commission for the successful execution of the deal. However, this one is expensive because setting up a shop or office in local market will require capital investment at large scale for buying the shop/office, stationary, renovation, etc. Even renting a place will cost property brokers a decent amount. And having an office or shop in remote areas with low rentals will not bring in the desired traffic. Therefore, it will be an expensive proposition for someone looking to start afresh in this business.

  • Social media

Social media is where most customers are and using social media tools carefully such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Blogs can go a long way in bringing regular customers. The key in use of social media is not to pitch always but provide helpful content for people looking to solve their problems. It’s free and all it takes is dedicated and sincere effort on the part of broker to use social media effectively.

  • Web presence

Having a web presence is useful these days and listing out your services, properties on the website is a really helpful. However, when there are thousands of websites, it gets difficult to generate leads from the website. But website is still useful for branding purposes.

  • Referrals

This is probably the best method among all to generate leads, but not everyone will be able to bring in customers using referrals from friends, colleagues, etc. It takes years of experience to build a reputation in realty business. How many large scale deals one executes, how many customers are satisfied with your services? These are all questions which take time to answer and answering them in affirmative will brings referral leads.

  • Print media

Just like online classifieds, one can use print media for listing properties. This is however more expensive than online classifieds media. There is still a segment of population who is comfortable with print classifieds and having your presence there would therefore target that particular segment of the market. Large brokerage houses however use mainstream print media extensively for exposure and branding and not just for listing properties.

Put together, are these lead generation tactics sufficient? Probably yes, but for someone looking to start afresh in the business, all these tactics will take time and dedication to fructify. There is always scope for innovating new channels for lead generation in realty sector.

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Monday, February 24, 2014

How can real estate brokers, agents, and property dealers generate leads effectively and efficiently?

Author: Sachin Gupta | Find me on Twitter

2013 was tough for real estate sector in India. Real estate builders are sitting on pile of inventory and many a property brokers have shut shop. By some estimates, about 30% of real estate brokers have shut shop in Gurgaon alone. That’s a massive number given the fact that not so long ago Gurgaon was considered to be an investor’s paradise for realty investment. Why have so many property dealers/agents across the country have closed their operations? Well, primarily because of slowing down of the sector and equally important is the fact that most of these dealers/agents make more than one mistake in the process of lead generation for real estate deals. Lead generation and management in property transactions are important because it keeps alive the property dealer’s interest in the business and tide over the bad times.

The whole process of maintaining a fruitful sales pipeline in real estate brokerage business can be categorized into 3 broad parts:
  1. Lead generation
  2. Lead management
  3. Lead servicing

Out of the above 3 categories, lead generation is the most critical aspect of the entire business as it keeps the property agent in the business.

How do brokers across India currently generate leads?
  1. Using online classifieds portals
  2. Through syndicate of brokers
  3. Referrals leads
  4. Print classifieds
  5. By having a physical presence
However in today’s fiercely competitive market place when sector as a whole has slowed down, there needs to be an alternative method of lead generation for property brokers across India. It is with this objective, we at NirrtiGo have designed a new channel for lead generation for real estate brokers. This new channel will provide brokers with a larger market share of leads.

Interested property brokers/dealers/agents shall fill out the form below and we will get in touch as soon as possible.

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Thursday, February 13, 2014

Why Property in Gurgaon is still so viable?

Slowly and steadily property in Gurgaon is becoming the next South Delhi destination. It has really attracted the buyers into buying something that offers them a comfortable living and a working space. It has gained the position of a world class city today. You name it and you’re sure going to find it in Gurgaon. It has everything from malls, to shopping centers, to parks and what not.

The properties in Gurgaon have spiraled and the prices too have skyrocketed. Since the properties started mushrooming at a rapid rate, the demand too grew which further led to a price rise.

If you want to buy property in Gurgaon, then do research as there are a lot of flats and villas that will just match your preferences. The prices of these places can scale up to 1 crore to 3 crore. Despite the rises in price, there is still a lot of demand in the properties and the people are still vying to get a house in this place.

Get to know the top three reasons why Gurgaon has become so popular-

  • Proximity to Delhi

It is situated near to Delhi and to the leading airport with maximum connectivity. You can travel to the places you want without thinking much. If you think you cannot get a house in Delhi, then Gurgaon is not very far away and you can consider this option. It has become world class in its approach and it has really become a viable destination to invest.

  • Get luxury homes

In Gurgaon you can get one of the best luxury homes. It can be a three bedroom flat or a luxury villa, the facilities that it offers is just unimaginable. It comes with 24 hour security, power backup, gym and a lot of other facilities too.

Luxury comes at a price and similarly luxury homes too come at a price. When you have to buy luxury homes, then you must think well enough and have no doubts left in your mind. Luxury homes are usually large homes that are equipped with everything from swimming pools, basketball courts, and landscaped courts.

Usually luxury homes are situated in desirable locations, and it can be in a beach house, acreage or in a plush city or town. Their location gives a high level of privacy and high level of security to the home owners too.

You can buy property in Gurgaon ad get some very good luxury homes. They are huge in size and are landscaped with features like trees, screens which further increase the privacy of the house. There are also separate areas for entertainment such as tennis courts, swimming pools etc.

  • Spacious and airy rooms

The rooms that are available in luxury homes are very spacious and airy. You can really get a spectacular view from the rooms and it will really soothe your senses to the core.

  • Awesome fixtures and fittings

The fixtures and features that are found in these rooms are made from high-end materials like tile, crystal, and other important elements for a house. The bathrooms are large and are furnished with the best of the materials. The appliances too that are used in the rooms are much upgraded and state of the art. During winter times, some of these luxury homes have facilities like fireplace which can really give you a good and comforting sleep at night.

The property in Gurgaon is really very Avant garde. You will feel that you have been transported to some really cool and posh place. A property dealer will help you find out a property of your choice, where you can live comfortably.

This is a guest post by Rashmi Nair