Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Bengaluru, the top performing city in the real estate market

If you are looking to acquire a new home in Bengaluru, then you are at right place at the right time. Post the drop in the overall real estate market; Bengaluru sturdily held its number one position in India in the first six months of 2016. This course is expected to go on for the rest half of the year with the new launches likely to rise by 4 percent in comparison to the last six months of 2015.

The Knight Frank's "Indian Real Estate Residential and office" for the period of January-June 2016 stated, Bengaluru's residential territory witnessed 13 percent boost in new launches and 18 percent boost in sales on a year by year (YoY) basis in comparison to the first half in 2015. Although, the major parts of the country's realty market were quiet in all segments, Bengaluru's prime locations such as Richomond Road, Lavelle Road, Malleshwaram, Bannerghatta, Hebbal, Whitefield, Electronic City, Marathahalli and Indiranagar witnessed a considerable rise of 23 percent in new launches in the first six months of the year 2016. It is advisable to invest in apartments in Bannerghatta road and apartments in Richomond Road. The investors’ interest in quality properties has seen a swell in the first half of 2016 in comparison to the first six months of 2015 that witnessed poor sales.

“However, due to the slackening of the premium housing markets in the past year, the weighted average price growth YOY in the premium segment saw a marginal decline of 1 percent in first half of 2016, as compared to first half of 2015,” the report said.

When it comes to pricing, the prime residential segment in Bengaluru has seen a gradual hike in its average price in the past one year in comparison to the price hike in the overall city that stood at 3 percent. The prime housing saw a decline of 1 percent.

The realty sector experts foresee the overall weighted average price in Bengaluru to have a slow growth of 3 percent in the last six months of the year 2016 in comparison to the second half of 2015, accounting to the quantity of reserve that requires to be offloaded.

Despite the slump in the realty sector, the residential real estate sector in other cities are going to see a ray of hope due to the recent development of policies such as REIT, land acquisition, real estate regulator, and smart cities. All these measures play a vital role in encouraging the key players to invest in new projects.

The real estate market is ripe especially for NRI investors due to the depreciating value of the Indian rupee in the past few years. Other favorable factors include the stable political reign of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the easy availability of loans, and the growing economy.

Also, as the urban population of the nation rises, there is going to be more and more demand of residential as well as commercial properties that will give a great boost to the overall realty sector.

This is a guest post by Deepak Yewle

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

16 Super Uber Tips on Finding the Perfect Flatmate

It’s probably one of the most serious problems dogging the 21st century working professionals in the country. In fact, it’s pretty much like finding a new boyfriend/girlfriend, only a little more complicated.

Why is that? Well, because you can part your ways with your partner when things go awry, but it’s not as simple with a flatmate. Since you will have signed a lease agreement, you will need to stick with them till the contract runs out.

In this article we give you with some of the best tips in order for you to come out victorious in your quest for finding the best flatmate.
  • 1.    Go Beyond Your Friends List
Just because you enjoy hanging out with a friend or an acquaintance, doesn’t mean they can actually be a good flatmate. For all you known, they might have the world’s worst in-room habits that could drive you over the edge. So, go beyond the first impression and actually find out what a person is like.
  • 2.    Look Online
Finding a flatmate on the internet has become extremely simple. You will just need to post in one of the many Facebook groups and can find one within a few hours.
  • 3.    Interview Them
No, we don’t expect you to go full John McClane on them, you will just need to ask them what they are looking for and what they are comfortable with.
  • 4.    Find Someone Like-minded
Find someone that has a same a similar perspective of the world as you. Are they metalheads? Do they love Megadeth and Motorhead? Or are they more into pop music? Knowing these things is absolutely essential if you want to live in harmony.
  • 5.    Are They Ready to Contribute?
In the ready/not-so-ready to mingle world, you will need to know if your flatmate is ready to do the household chores same as you. This is extremely important because chores are often the first things that could lead to a rift in your relationship.
  • 6.    Understand What It’s Like to Have a Flatmate
No matter how platonic a relationship, getting a flatmate is still a major responsibility that needs to be taken seriously.
  • 7.    Do Good unto Others
Find and find out if they are ready to help you out in case of emergencies.
  • 8.    Have The Right Apartment
The kind of apartment you have chosen also plays a role in the type of flatmate you will find. To find the perfect place, check some of the property management firms like Zenify, who curate some of the best rental property in Bangalore.
  • 9.    “What Do You Expect from Me?”
Having a flatmate is a two-way street. If you want them to be a certain way, you will need to be the same too. So, ask them what they expect out of a flatmate.
  • 10.    Someone in The Same Profession
While this isn’t customary, it can do you a world of good because at the end of a busy, tiring day, you will need someone you can talk to, who can actually understand what your problems are.
  • 11.    Meetup
Once you have found a potential roommate, fix a meet and talk to them over a cup of coffee or a drink just to get a feel of what they are like.
  • 12.    Talk Money
One of the most important aspects required to lease flats is money. So, bring the money topic up with them and discuss whether they are comfortable with the money they are paying.
  • 13.    Assess Their Lifestyle
Imagine a runway model living with a desi sanskaari person—it’s not always the best combination. This is why you need to assess their lifestyle and find out if it is in line with yours.
  • 14.    Communicate
Communication is important aspect in a flatmate relationship. Figure out how open they are in voicing out their concerns.
  • 15.    Find References
Sometimes a friend of a friend of a friend will know someone that’s looking for a flatmate. Try and find a good reference, one that actually trust.
  • 16.    Get It in Writing
You might have talked about a million things, but unless you get them written in a lease agreement none of them ever really matter.

All in all, getting a flatmate is quite like every other relationship you have had in your life. At the end of the contract, you might even walk out with a life-long friend by your side. So, be very mindful before you choose one.

This is a guest post by Chandni Lal

Monday, July 4, 2016

Decoding Hinjawadi – The Locality that's Revolutionized Western Pune

Pune is such a laid-back city, it's easy to it call home. Located on the Deccan Plateau and 560 meters above sea level, it enjoys impeccable weather all through the year. However, it's not just the temperature that makes Pune cool, but also the people and its blend of traditional values and modernity. The infusion of these two elements brews a vivid cosmopolitan attitude that defines this city.

In 2001, India's first six lane high-speed Expressway was built, connecting Pune with its larger & more famous cousin, Mumbai. One could say it was the beginning of a revolution, one that influenced the transformation of Pune from an education city to a bustling IT hub.

The western side of Pune is exceptionally beautiful and surrounded by hills and lush greenery. Owing to its proximity to the Expressway, this area enjoys better connectivity that catalyzed an explosion of urbanization. The western suburbs began to garner the attention of builders that were eager to cater to the needs of professionals working at the busy IT parks in Aundh, Hinjawadi and Nagar Road.

Despite the rapid urbanization that Pune has witnessed in the last decade, the area of Hinjawadi still retains its tranquility and solitude. Thanks to the Special Township Policy Act of the Maharashtra Government, the suburb has a modern infrastructure with a deluge of luxury gated communities. These integrated townships encourage residents to work closer to where they live, with more convenience and a better way of life. The gated townships of Hinjawadi ensure that the suburb still retains its calm demeanor and open spaces, while adding impressive buildings and towers to the skyline.

In the coming years, Hinjawadi is set to become even more popular. The area will soon be incorporated with a proposed metro line that will ease travel through the city to a great extent. The area is also favored to experience steady price appreciation, which makes it an enticing investment opportunity for home buyers.

Life Republic, a popular township located in the neighborhood, is easily one of Pune's most vibrant townships. It presents a life of glamour and convenience set amidst a 400 acre sprawling community. The modern township has one objective, which of being a delectable and vibrant address in Hinjawadi. Featuring the best of amenities, the project is a haven for lively spacious homes with a contemporary attitude and aesthetic.

The layout of Life Republic begins with a wide boulevard that traverses through the mega-township. The project is also packed with premium lifestyle and entertainment options like fine dining restaurants, a multiplex, high-street stores, a mall, clubs, wedding and party venues, community centers and academies, lake-front recreation and much more.

Apartment towers are surrounded with ample green cover, and the project features artistic installations with an abundance of green open spaces. Life Republic also encompasses organic farming, an agro institute and fresh vegetable market. The plenitude of green cover here creates a pollution-free and pleasant environment.

At Life Republic, you experience a lifestyle that's unique to your preference but tailored to create an urban habitat where everyone’s needs are answered.

Townships like Life Republic are bringing a new premium lifestyle to Hinjawadi. It's this transformation that is shaping the future of real estate in Pune and in India.

This is a guest post by Gaurav Mishra