Monday, September 21, 2015

Office space on golf course road Gurgaon

Gurgaon has become the epicenter of commercial office space leasing in Delhi NCR region. For large established companies as well as for start-ups, Gurgaon is the preferred choice when it comes to renting the office space. Many factors including the presence of quality infrastructure (national highways), close proximity to airport, and presence of quality housing make Gurgaon the hot commercial destination.

Within Gurgaon, Golf course road has become the most sought after location for many large and start-up enterprises. Golf course road is well connected to NH-8 and Delhi via MG Road. With the completion of rapid metro, gold course road will further enhance its value as one of the most premium office address in entire Delhi NCR region.

Companies looking to lease office space on Golf course road in Gurgaon can choose from the following 2 options:

  1. Lease required office space area and then set it up including the fit-outs, furniture, lighting, ducting, HVAC. Thereafter, maintain and manage the office space facility.
  2. Lease office space area and start working from day 1. No fit-outs required; no electricity bill; no internet bill; no water charges; and no maintenance charges. Thereby, a company can save upfront capital expenditures which can run into crores of rupees.

Find below the detailed document highlighting the benefits of office space defined in option 2. At the same time, one can inquire about the availability of such a office space on Golf course road in Gurgaon.

Monday, September 14, 2015

What is Employer Assisted Housing (EAH) benefits plan? How does it help employers?

What is an Employer Assisted Housing (EAH) Plan?

In today’s time when “war for talent” is getting fiercer by the day, employee retention has become the buzz word among various HR leaders across different industry sectors. Rising attrition rates and high turnover costs creates a negative impact on companies’ bottom-line. In such a scenario, Employee benefits plans play a critical role in employee retention.

One such employee retention tool that is gaining popularity worldwide is Employer Assisted Housing (EAH). Research across the world has shown that Employer Assisted Housing (EAH) helps in overcoming the challenges of rising attrition rate and high turnover costs. EAH Plans are gaining in popularity worldwide because they make an employer stand out from the crowd, enhance recruitment efforts, reduce turnover costs, improve employee loyalty towards the employer, and can have a positive impact on the bottom-line.

Typical functions within an HR department of a company and need for focus on benefits program:

Organizational & employee development, business leadership, consulting, compensation are the priority issues in an organization. However, at the same time employee benefits program with regards to employee relocation, work life balance, family issues, and expatriate management are gaining importance in most successful companies worldwide. And fulfilling housing requirements of employees goes a long way in handling these issues.

Losing key employees to completion can be disastrous for a company. With an EAH service, employers can realize a financial gain for their company by retaining valuable employees. At the same time, employers help their employees achieve the dream of home-ownership. EAH services are simple to administer, and can help an employer recruit and retain valuable employees, thus creating a positive impact on the company’s bottom-line.

Why Employer Assisted Housing (EAH), what are the benefits?

A. For Employers

  1. Recruitment – sets your company apart in attracting the best talent
  2. Retention – Motivates employees to stay
  3. Reduced time for commuting – employees can be encouraged to live closer to work place
  4. Relationships – stronger customer relationships with highly motivated employees
  5. Return – company’s financial statements can be strengthened
  6. Recognition – enhances company’s reputation as the employer to work for
  7. Reduced Cost of homes – employees gets homes at comparatively lower costs
  8. Revitalization – more disposable income of employees help revitalize the economy and neighborhoods 

B. For Employees

  1. Realization of dream of home-ownership
  2. Enhanced lifestyle associated with home-ownership, such as greater community, recreational, and school involvement and quality of life
  3. Less time spent in traffic
  4. Investment in a property with potential for appreciation
  5. Reduced cost of homes
  6. Security of availing home with predefined quality standards and on time delivery

How much does it actually cost to offer and administer an EAH service?

EAH creates a win/win/win situation among employees, employers, and the economy as a whole. A typical EAH service requires employers to identify the target segment of employees from the ranks of executive, middle management, entry level, and skilled workers. While there can be in-numerous benefits of EAH service as explained earlier, there are no direct costs to employers for arranging for an EAH service. However HR department need to collect all the relevant data such as targeted employees, size, budget, location preferences, etc.

Typical Employer Assisted Housing (EAH) Benefits that can be offered to employees:

Detailed Presentation:
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Monday, September 7, 2015

Top investments destination in Mumbai MMR- January - June 2015

Mumbai property prices are among the highest in the country.  Slow property sales and inflated pricing has led to buyers postponing their property buying decision considerably resulting in an inventory pile-up of 46 months. has analysed data across localities in Mumbai to arrive at the top localities favored by home buyers in the city. The data identifies the top investment destinations across the Mumbai region. In-depth analysis has been done for one locality from three different regions across the city, providing information on the various home buying influential criteria such as demand, budget preference, price trends and preferred residential property formats. A similar study has been done for other cities namely – Delhi NCR, Bangalore, Hyderabad and Chennai.

Attached and appended below are highlights of the study by specific to the Mumbai region:

  • During the first half of 2015 the government has initiated a number of infrastructure projects that will drive sales across Mumbai region like the Coastal Road Project from Nariman Point to Kandivali, clearance of Navi Mumbai Airport
  • The top investment destination across Mumbai include Panvel, Kalyan, Nalasopara, Kharghar, Mira Road, Dombivli, Kamothe, Ulwe and Sanpada
  • The Maharashtra Government plans to develop Mumbai as a gaming and animation industry hub – leading to job creation and investment opportunities thereby increasing the demand for residential and commercial units
  • An additional 200% FSI (Floor Space Index) for IT parks thereby reducing the rentals for commercial properties

Looking at one locality from three different regions across the city:


  1. 76% home buyers prefer investing in properties that are in under construction phase
  2. Budget preferences ranges between 0-30 lakhs for 71% of home buyers 
  3. The approval of elevated railway line from CST to Panvel with a 6 lane road will reduce the commute time. Thus, increasing demand in this locality


  • 1BHK compact housing unit is the preferred choice by 71% home buyers 
  • Statistics indicate rise in property price by  12% in the last 2 years
  • MMRDA has planned a 29km Kalyan Ring Road to connect Kalyan and its neighbouring localities. Thus, increasing demand in this locality


  • Budget preferences ranges between 0-30 lakhs for 91% of home buyers 
  • 1BHK compact housing unit is the preferred choice by 78% home buyers 
  • The area is well planned and developed by CIDCO and provides better infrastructure for its residents. Thus, increasing demand in this locality

Detailed analyses are in the info-graphic appended below.