Monday, November 30, 2015

Why Is Bangalore The Top Destination For Real Estate Development In India?

Anyone living in Bangalore will always talk about how amazing the city is. And it is no secret that it is a highly favored real estate market as well. So what is it that makes Bangalore click so? Let’s take a look at some of the reasons that people love to put their money in Bangalore real estate.

  • Work Opportunities
Bangalore is the IT hub of India. But moreover, it is the most favored location for companies to set up their head offices whether Indian or international. Bangalore has also seen a spike in the number of new age start-ups that have found their footing in the booming Bangalore market. Many young cosmopolitans are opting to relocate to Bangalore due to the varied job opportunities it offers.

  • Favorable Climate
Bangalore is one of the best cities in India, climate-wise. With cold winters, sunny summers and beautiful monsoons, the climate here is pleasant all year round. After the sweltering heat of Mumbai and the extreme climate fluctuations of Delhi, the weather in Bangalore comes as a welcome change.

  • Social Infrastructure
Bangalore boasts of a high standard of living. Social and professional lives have equal importance and the people of Bangalore are very fond of their recreational activity options. It is an extremely contemporary city and caters to people from all walks of life. So whether one wants to spend the weekend shopping till they empty their pockets or by soaking in some art and cultural entertainment, Bangalore has it all. With plenty of shopping malls, multiplexes, art galleries, performance art theatres and innumerable restaurants and eateries, every social need is fulfilled in this beautiful city.

  • Varied Real Estate
Bangalore is not short of options when it comes to real estate. Whether you are looking for a luxury villa, a penthouse, a studio apartment or just a midsized 2 BHK flat, the variety in Bangalore real estate has something for everyone. With multiple construction companies in the city, innumerable projects sprout up every few months across price segments and cater to the needs of the diverse population of Bangalore.

  • Civic Infrastructure
Bangalore has very well developed civic infrastructure to make the lives of every citizen much easier. With excellent roads, flyovers, metro lines and top notch public transport services, connectivity and accessibility are never a problem in the city. You can get from point A to point B without any hassles and worries. Along with this there is ample water and power supply that satisfies the need of the population.

  • Steady Appreciation
Bangalore real estate has seen a steady growth in prices over the last couple of years. The return on investment is also high which makes it a favorable market for those wishing to purchase a home. And with the booming real estate market, the demand for properties in Bangalore is rising like never before which ensures the profitability of a purchase.

All in all, it seems like Bangalore deserves to be rank 1 when it comes to real estate. With all these favorable conditions packed together, it’s no wonder that so many people want to set up camp here.

This is a guest post by Naresh who is working with CommonFloor as content writer.

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Aamir, Shahrukh and others, just another piece of musical instruments in a song composed and conceived by Media

By: Sachin Gupta | Twitter

Media has done it again.
Media has composed a song again

A song titled ‘intolerance’. People only know the title of the song and not the lyrics. But the song is so well conceived and composed by media that everyone is humming it. Humming it without even knowing the lyrics. Media has organized a great orchestra and musical instruments to compose this song titled ‘intolerance’.

Media has done it again.
Media has composed a song again.

Orchestra party includes who’s who of big political parties, Bollywood stars, writers, scientists, scholars, and great public acting as the chorus on social media.

Media has done it again.
Media has composed a song again.

Everyone is humming the song titled ‘intolerance’. It’s a blockbuster. It’s topping the charts. It’s everywhere from drawing rooms to office canteens, from sports grounds to club houses, from institutes to recreational grounds. Everyone loves the tune. Everyone is dancing. It’s even being played in discos. Everyone is loving this new song titled ‘intolerance’.

Media has done it again.
Media has composed a new song again.

Media did not care to put the lyrics in front of everyone because had they done so, the song would not have become a massive hit. They just brought out the lyrics when song has become the frenzy of the nation. What a calculated master stroke by Media.

Media has done it again.
Media has composed a song again.

So, where are the lyrics (facts) of the song called ‘intolerant’? Here are the lyrics (facts). Picture attached*

Source: MHA (Ministry of Home Affairs)

In many other instances too, media has composed the songs without revealing the lyrics. And when song becomes a massive hit they secretly reveal the lyrics. But before that, round table debates are organized 24x7. The torch bearers of media instigate people to take up sides. One versus the other. Gang war happens on Twitter.

Aamir Khan and Shahrukh just happen to fall in the trap of media and became the part of orchestra and joined the song. When song is being continuously played day in and day out, how can any sensitive person keep out of it…no way. They also ended up becoming ‘flute’ and ‘drums’ in the song called “intolerance” conceived and composed by media. The song reached a crescendo status. Yes, that’s what media wanted. Blockbuster hit, anything less would have been a dampener.

24X7 TV channels are else would they survive? So called ‘5 stars’ journalists are the toast of the town, why wouldn’t they compose a song every now and then?

Non existential and irrelevant politicians such as Sangeet Som, Mani Shankar Aiyar, Adityanath, Azam Khan, Salman Kursheed, Arvind Kejriwal, and many others of the same tribe jump in the song and play their part. Mike and camera are put in front of them. One plays harmonium, one plays guitar, another one plays saxophone…..all of them do their bit by taking this side or that side based on their political affiliations.

And of course, people are humming it too on social media thereby acting as chorus.

Everyone is now involved and everyone is now humming the great song “intolerant” conceived and composed by media.

Media has done it again.
Media has composed a song again.

Monday, November 16, 2015

What are the kinds of properties that can and can not be transferred?

Author: Sachin Gupta | Find me on Twitter

The property transfer is a complicated process and therefore one must be thoroughly aware of the laws and practices. When we talk of property transfer here, it means, an immovable property that is already registered with one person. The person may choose to sell the property of transfer the property.

One should note that property transfer for an under construction property with the developer is a different and private process. The developer transfers the property from one buyer to another buyer on the request of first buyer. Normally, developers charge a fee for the transfer.

However, in this section, we are focusing our energies on property transfer for a property that has been completed and is registered with the registrar department. This property transfer between any two parties is governed by the “Transfer of Property” Act, 1882. Both of these parties need to be alive to carry out this kind of property transfer. In case, one person is not alive, then, succession laws as per the religion of the dead person are applied for the transfer of property.

So, what kind of properties can be transferred and what kind of properties that cannot be transferred? Find below in the detailed document:

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Monday, November 9, 2015

Want to Buy Real Estate? Consider the Top Real Estate Companies in Delhi NCR

Whether you are willing to buy a residential or commercial property in Delhi NCR, you need to be very cautious. Some real estate companies in Delhi NCR are developing projects, both commercial and residential, owing to the rising demand for ownership as well as rental properties. But remember, investing in real estate means you’ll be putting a huge portion of your hard earned money into it, so you need to consider some factors before finalizing the property you want to buy.

You should buy properties that enhance your quality of living along with fulfilling your home-ownership dreams. To make sure that you invest your money in the right property, here are some factors that you need to consider:

1. Find a Registered Real Estate Developer

This is the most important factor while choosing a real estate property in Delhi NCR. There are many instances where buyers have invested in real estate properties that have never materialized. Many people who invested in properties almost five years back still did not get possession of their properties.
So if you want to invest safely, you should always look for registered real estate developers who work according to a certain code of conduct.

2. Work with Reputed Builders

This is another important aspect when looking for top real estate companies in Delhi NCR. Always carry out background checks of the real estate developer you are willing to work with. Refrain from working with developers who have been involved in various legal issues.

3. Location

Location of a property, whether commercial or residential, is very important. If you are willing to buy 3 BHK spacious apartments Gurgaon, make sure it is located close to hospitals, schools and work area. If you are willing to buy commercial property, make sure it is located close to the city center and the main transportation points.

4. Check the Exact Carpet Area, Amenities and Facilities Offered

Most of the real estate developers would quote prices based on the total area of an apartment, but you should insist on paying the price depending upon the exact carpet area. Apart from the carpet area, you should consider the amenities and facilities offered. Check whether there are 24hour water and electric supply, ample parking space, generator backup, etc.

5. Registration Fees

Apart from the actual price of the property, you will also have to pay registration fees, which depends on the value of the property. So, the registration fee for a 3 BHK spacious apartment Gurgaon will be more than that of a 2 BHK apartment.

A Final Thought

Buying property is one of the biggest investments in one’s life, so you should be extra cautious so that you don’t get conned. Always work with top real estate companies in Delhi NCR who are registered with some real estate organization or the government. The right decision will bring back a lot of benefits while a small mistake can make you repent for the entire lifetime.

Summary: Buying a property is one of the biggest decisions that you make in your lifetime, so to get the best deal it is necessary that you work with the top real estate companies in Delhi NCR and invest in the right kind of property.

This is a guest post by Amelia Hill

Monday, November 2, 2015

Union Minister For Urban Development M Venkaiah Naidu launches India’s First Real Estate and Property Business TV channel - Magicbricks NOW

Union Minister For Urban Development M Venkaiah Naidu launches

India’s First Real Estate and Property Business TV channel - Magicbricks NOW


  • ‘Magicbricks NOW will provide an unbiased, trustworthy and authoritative perspective on the property business and will help its viewers ‘Be Un-Confused’ about this important sector’

New Delhi 28 Oct 2015: The growing Indian Real Estate and Infrastructure sector received a significant addition when Honorable Union Minister of Urban Development, Housing and Urban Poverty Alleviation and Parliamentary Affairs, Mr M Venkaiah Naidu, introduced India’s first Real Estate and Property Business TV Channel, Magicbricks NOW, today.

Unveiling the channel name, Mr Naidu told media persons, “I am delighted to be here today on this auspicious  day. Times NOW from the Times Network is the most credible, premium news channel in the country, and when I came to know that this network is launching a news channel to create a platform for the real estate and housing sector, I felt really happy. Because it is going to partner with me in our plans to provide housing for everyone by 2022.

“So I am very happy that a dedicated channel called Magicbricks NOW is launching for the sector. My congratulations. I hope Magicbricks NOW will do the required magic for the sector; and bricks are always required to construct houses, and housing is the most important aspect of anybody’s life, Mr Naidu said, adding  “I suggest that news and views should not be combined for the channel and that should be the noble beauty of the new channel.”

M K Anand, MD & CEO – Times Network, said, “We are delighted to offer India its first 24x7 real estate and property business television channel, Magicbricks NOW,  and are extremely happy that it has been launched at the hands of the Honourable Mr Naidu today.  Magicbricks NOW has been launched to guide the consumer through the complex and seemingly intimidating world of real-estate transactions.  While real estate is of paramount importance in the life of every Indian, equally, the space is full of complexities, jargon and confusion.  Magicbricks NOW will provide unbiased, trustworthy and the most authoritative perspectives on the property business to help the consumer ‘Be un-confused’,” Anand said.

“We are confident Magicbricks NOW will enjoy wide reach – not only because it is a genre pioneer that covers the extremely important property business, but also because it will leverage the proven strengths of our network distribution and marketing,” Anand said, adding, “It is befitting that India’s first real estate and property business TV channel has been launched by the Nation’s biggest media conglomerate, The Times Group, which has always had a deep and abiding emotional connect with middle class Indians, Magicbricks NOW will cement this relationship further.”

Magicbricks NOW has strategically partnered with Magicbricks.Com, India's No 1 Property portal for property buyers and sellers. Apart from them - Lotus Greens Developers Private Ltd and Mantri Developers Pvt.Ltd, leading developers of the country on board as key sponsors. Their association with us from Day One is testimony to their belief in our vision for Magicbricks NOW.

Faye D’Souza Editor – Magicbricks NOW, said, “Magicbricks NOW is here with a singular focus – on the end consumer. Magicbricks NOW will offer a rich array of programs that range from News bulletins to property hotlines, debates, leadership insights and more. These will not just keep the end consumer informed, but will serve as a common meeting ground for knowledge-driven individual buyers, sellers and businesses looking seriously at the world of property and real estate.”

Marquee channel programming includes The Property Guide, The Home Buyer’s Guide, Property Hotline, The Interiors Show, The Vastu show, Real Estate Tycoons and, of course, The News, every hour on the hour.

Speaking about the association with Times Network to create the new channel, Sudhir Pai,, said, “Magicbricks is delighted to be a part of this initiative with the Times Network. Our endeavor has always been to make our brand ubiquitous across media so as to provide consumers with rich and in-depth information when it comes to matters of property. With this association we leverage the visual appeal of television to communicate our rich data and analytics in an easy-to-consume manner for the consumer. With this launch, we strengthen the offering and make ourselves available at every touch point to consumers."

Target audience: The 24/7 channel will target NCCS A and B viewers in the 25-37 and 38-50 years age groups. In viewer profile terms, it will target both, consumers who are looking to buy, sell or rent real estate, and businesses and service providers like brokers, builders, interior decorators, paint companies and others.

Distribution: Magicbricks NOW will be distributed extensively across DTH and Cable, and is already present on all platforms that carry the channels of Times Network.

This is a press release by Times Group.