Monday, May 20, 2019

What is Land use Zoning in India? What are the uses that are permitted for various types of zones?

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While developing the master plan for a particular city, the town planning officials make use of zoning regulations. So, what are these zoning regulations? Based on the city’s geography, the land use is zoned by town planning officials. For example, in flood prone areas, the land use may be restricted to parks, gardens, playgrounds. The construction activity in these areas/zones may be restricted. Similarly, in hilly areas, construction of residential premises may be prohibited. Therefore, in essence, zoning regulations are tools used by town planning officials to clearly demarcate land use for the purposes of development, welfare, and safety.

In cities, Zoning is done to earmark residential, commercial, industrial, recreational development. Certain zones within a given city are demarcated as residential zones, some as industrial zones, and some as institutional zones. All of these zones are clearly highlighted within a master plan of a city. The town planning department then invites private developers to bid or buy the piece of land within these Zones. Some developers may buy or bid for residential land, while some may opt for institutional land.

Zoning is a complex subject because it involves the optimum usage of limited land available to city officials. Zoning regulations are in operation in all major cities and towns of India to regulate the use of property within their jurisdiction. Agricultural, industrial, residential, commercial, recreation and forest areas are clearly marked on city maps.

Find below the ‘Types of Zones’ and the uses permitted for these Zones.

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