Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Around 140 families, 35 floors, and a thousand affected people face demolition of constructed floors in Mumbai's Campa Cola Compound Worli. Whose fault is it?

This is a post on behalf of the Campa Cola complex and all those facing demolition of their homes.

"A man is determined to find justice after the loss of a loved one, even though he is incapable of fully remembering the crime. Is the same true for a person who is about to lose their home?

How does one deal with knowing they will have no place to go tomorrow?

Is it an emotion that can be contained in a blog post? Is it something that can garishly be described in a picture of a demolition ball? What face do you show your 90 something year old grandmother when you have to tell her we have nowhere to live any more, we need to move out of your home for the last 20 odd years. What would you do?

We’re all crying here. Do we rent? Do we move city? How will we get through this? These are the larger questions, this is the surface, we haven’t begun to digest or acknowledge what we are really feeling inside.

Worli Naka is now going to be iconic not for its fantabulous view, it’s going to be known for a tragic site, something like what Jalianwala baug was, the same gravity and intensity, but jilted sentiment and energy, energy that could well be consumed in better and more important tasks.

We at the Campa Cola Compound Association, will do all the government asks us to, we will respect and heed the law. We have started packing our bags haven’t we ?  We have started looking for rental houses too. Some of us have help, some of us don’t. Some of us are young, some middle aged and some old. Some of our kids have exams, some of us are about to have children, some of our parents are paralyzed, all simple stories of real homes, being demolished.

35 Floors.
140 Flats.
A thousand people.

Each flat has a story. Each flat has a set of lives. Each of these lives, are fighting the thought of losing their homes.

They say you’ll never know what you have - unless you’ve lost it. We are this close to losing our homes, the place we go to every night – at the end of a long hard work day, when all other lights shut, those at home shine bright. Help us keep our homes, help us keep our light".

- A soon to be homeless person... 


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