Friday, December 19, 2014

Which are the Research organizations in real estate sector in India?

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Real estate is a large sector and contributes about 6% to nation’s GDP. The sector is also the second largest employer of labor (formal and informal), just behind agriculture. The practices that were followed 10-20 years ago may not be relevant in today’s fast paced economic growth. The sector as a whole and its participants carry out research & development on a regular basis to improve upon construction methodologies, manpower skill enhancement, and improvement in building technologies, housing finance, and production of raw material.

India aims to house all its households by 2022, an ambitious target. There is a shortage of about 18.76 (till 2012) million housing units at the ‘bottom of pyramid’ segment of the society.  With so much at stake, the focus on research and development shall increase manifold to achieve the goals set up by government of India.

While builders, housing finance companies, material manufacturer focus on building & delivering short term targets, organizations involved in research & develop continue to innovate for long term results.

Several institutions, organizations and companies in India and the world offer educational and research opportunities in the field of housing and housing finance. Most of these institutions promote technical education and cultivate a constructive environment for promotion of scientific methods and technologies to improve quality of products and services offered.

Which are these organizations and institutions in India? We list them below:

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