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What are the parameters that I should pay attention to in order to maximize my returns on Property Investment?

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Real estate is a complex business to be in. Not only one needs to understand the market (supply and demand element), but at the same time, one should be aware of tax laws, registration processes, title conveyance, planning the development of project, rent laws, and state government’s land policies. Therefore, as an individual investor, what is it that one should take primary note of in order to maximize his/her returns on investment made? Let’s explore below:

  • Micro market trends
Although not foolproof, the market trends with respect to movement of property prices present an insight into the gains and losses of micro markets within a city. If a micro market or locality is showing downward trend for 3-4 consecutive quarters, then it is a clear signal that there is something wrong with the locality that investors are wary of. However, if whole city is showing downward trend because of slow down of economic growth or political instability, then, one needs to be patient before investing in any locality within that city.

There are 3 to 4 major property indices in Indian real estate market. Analyze them in detail before investing in a property. The most talked about property index in India is released on a quarterly basis by National Housing Bank. One should definitely pay attention to this residential index.

  • Master plan of a city
Master plan of a city is another key indicator as far as maximizing returns on your property investment. Master Plan is developed by town planning authorities or city civic bodies. It is a plan that takes into consideration city’s existing population, future expansion in population, need for infrastructure, and industrial development within a city. To accommodate population growth and facilitate industrial development, civic authorities earmark or zone the city. Certain pockets or sectors are demarcated for residential development, and some other for industrial or commercial development. Therefore, what master plan tells you is that how the city’s development would pan out for coming 10-20 years. Pay considerable attention to this aspect before investing in a property. Here are the links of civic bodies across India that deal with master planning.

  • Where are builders building the new projects?
Once master plan is prepared, civic bodies then invite applications from private developers to develop the land. Therefore, it is no surprise that builders are allotted land in one cluster or certain specific clusters of the city. Which are these clusters? In addition to finding it out in master plan, one can simply analyze the market and see the launch of new real estate projects.

In addition, one can find below the detailed document comprising the Guidelines for achieving maximum returns on real estate investment in India.

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