Monday, November 16, 2015

What are the kinds of properties that can and can not be transferred?

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The property transfer is a complicated process and therefore one must be thoroughly aware of the laws and practices. When we talk of property transfer here, it means, an immovable property that is already registered with one person. The person may choose to sell the property of transfer the property.

One should note that property transfer for an under construction property with the developer is a different and private process. The developer transfers the property from one buyer to another buyer on the request of first buyer. Normally, developers charge a fee for the transfer.

However, in this section, we are focusing our energies on property transfer for a property that has been completed and is registered with the registrar department. This property transfer between any two parties is governed by the “Transfer of Property” Act, 1882. Both of these parties need to be alive to carry out this kind of property transfer. In case, one person is not alive, then, succession laws as per the religion of the dead person are applied for the transfer of property.

So, what kind of properties can be transferred and what kind of properties that cannot be transferred? Find below in the detailed document:

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