Friday, July 3, 2015

The answer to leading a Luxurious Life - Villa

Living in a spacious setting, with large garden, a huge parking space, stairs coming out from the mid of living room and reaching spacious room set on the upper floor. With a big terrace and a few extra spaces here and there will make everybody’s dream of living in heaven on earth a reality. This is how a luxury apartment aka villa feels like. If you want to know what it is all about, keep reading.
Irrespective of the 16% buyers looking for builder floors in the emerging IT hub of India, the demand for villas continues to grow among the buyers and maintain the niche position. The reason for this demand varies from large space, decoration opportunity to a huge play and parking area.

Irrespective of whatever the reasons typical villa buyers may have, they witness the comfort and superiority they get after investing in a villa.

Reasons for this increase in demand

The factors that have seemingly led the world to demand villas are:

  1. They want to stay away from the hustle of the cities
  2. The area they will be getting is huge
  3. There is a lot of space for innovation or second income
  4. Less or no parking/ waste nuisances
  5. Rise in income

Along with the above mentioned factors, things like the excitement of living in an independent house with zero interference is what drive property seekers to Bangalore. Another important benefit of investing in villas in Bangalore can be that time of construction is faster and therefore the time of possession.

Reasons why Bangalorites are opting for luxury living provided by villas

When it comes to following your dream of living a spacious and luxurious life, things like the price, income level and taxes etc. does not stop you. In case of Bangalorites, the factors for this choice can be:

  • High level of Income

People who live and work in Bangalore are paid more than their other metro counterparts, mostly because of the high cost of living.

  • Need of Personal space

Like every other metro people, they too crave for the feeling of being secluded with no interference, where they can relax after a hard days at work.

  • Connectivity

The area where villa system is most prevalent is the Sarjapur locality. The area is easily connected to rest of the city through multiple modes of networks.

  • Land price

The price of villas here is much lower than what they will get in other metros or similar areas.

  • Amenities

The builders who houses in the Sarjapur area provide all the basic amenities that an investor can expect from living in an apartment.

Living in a villa has its own perks but some things should be given huge consideration too, like the age and condition of the property, the reliability of developers, and their past work etc. Other things you should note before making a huge investment is the locality, how is the commutation from this locality, the people who are going to be your future neighbors. Also note the resale value of your property in case you decide to sell it in future.

Villas have proved to provide a luxurious living statement along with comfort and a chance to have a second earning. Investing in one is a sweet deal, but like any other investment make sure you gather full information about the builder group.

This is a guest post by Tripti. Her articles talk about the real estate industry. She is an avid reader and a keen observer.


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